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[T___T] Terrible Tomatoes

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Tổng thành viên 80
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
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Average WN8 64
Total income -
Provinces total -
Wolverines is a competitive clan that actively participates in all team based areas of the game together. We fight clan wars as well as stronghold detachments daily and form weekly tournament teams. If you feel like you meet our requirements and/or can contribute by being an excellent team player, then stop by our teamspeak or contact one of the officers.

Wolverines Minimum Requirements:

☛ Must be on Teamspeak while in game
☛ CW tanks: 5+ Tier 10 Tanks (2.5k+ average damage preferred)
☛ 1600+ Overall WN8 and 2000+ Recent WN8 (Last 1k Battles)
☛ Be on for Clan Wars 4+ Nights A week

Recruitment: contact changer82, cagedfury1369, Deadeye540

TS Address:
Clan stronghold
Cấp độ 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 8.38


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X tier vehicles

753 551 471 122 131
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Recent transfers

18.10.2019 frankenstein4x4
15.10.2019 Armedboba6
15.10.2019 Flandrover
14.10.2019 Tig_Welder_1
14.10.2019 Rusdev
14.10.2019 HellzBellz5
13.10.2019 P1P3B0mB
12.10.2019 rattynevada
12.10.2019 Machisman
09.10.2019 makikiller007

Important moments

16.10.2019 Lost province Shreveport
16.10.2019 Lost province Natchitoches
15.10.2019 New province Natchitoches
14.10.2019 New province Shreveport
11.10.2019 Lost province Goldsboro
09.10.2019 New province Goldsboro
09.10.2019 Lost province Topeka
08.10.2019 New province Topeka
07.10.2019 Lost province Shreveport
07.10.2019 Lost province Boston

Bản đồ Chiến sự

Tất cả VI VIII X
Số trận 3575 360 1032 2183
Win rate 52.42% 55.83% 56.2% 50.07%
Elo 1103 1191 1130
Lãnh thổ
No provinces
Battle schedule
No battles planned


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