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[-ZOO-] Animales


Total members 68
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
Total income
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Clans ranking
Average WN8 47
Total income -
Provinces total -
[-ZOO-] is a competitive top clan for anyone ready to take part in.

We are a high quality clan focused on bringing a fun community aspect to all our members. We take part in nightly clan wars, advances, and team battles, along with daily detachments with credit boosters. We compete at a top level while keeping the good community aspect.

We are looking for animals who are near, at, or exceed these stats. Being part monkey is not a requirement.

- 1800 Overall WN8/ 54% Winrate Overall
- 2300 Wn8 Recent / 57% Recent WR (exceptions are made on a case by case basis)
- Average recent tier played of 8.0 or more (No seal clubbers)
- 4+ CW viable tier 10s, have good 8s and 6s for SH
- Active player (3-4 days a week)
- TS3 / Slack Mandatory
- Be chill and have fun

Diplo: Haging_Racktivist_AnimeF, mrmyst3rious
Recruitment: way2krasea, _DeltaKilo_, Unmaker, Niv13, atf2901, cstylez
Complaints: mrmyst3rious

Apply on ts or ingame
Stop by our teamspeak: ts3.pingu.ca
Password: pingu1
Clan stronghold
Tier 9
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 8


No relationships

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X tier vehicles

490 387 293 65 75
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Recent transfers

24.04.2019 Aceyon
24.04.2019 Zanarkand_C
24.04.2019 Valedin
24.04.2019 Zgodava
23.04.2019 Killer_gunner_13
22.04.2019 Zgodava
22.04.2019 Zanarkand_C
22.04.2019 Bravo343
20.04.2019 GreenGuert
20.04.2019 squatchi

Important moments

03.04.2019 Lost province
01.02.2019 New province
01.02.2019 Lost province
01.02.2019 Lost province
01.02.2019 Lost province
01.02.2019 Lost province
30.01.2019 New province
30.01.2019 Lost province
30.01.2019 Lost province
30.01.2019 Lost province

Global Map

Battles 624 0 0 624
Win rate 49.52% - - 49.52%
Elo 1000 1000 1193
No provinces
Battle schedule
No battles planned


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Total income

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X tier vehicles