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[-G-] Guerrillas


Total members 99
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 1
Total income
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Clans ranking
Average WN8 4
Total income -
Provinces total 39
*Recruiting Status:*

*-G-* is currently actively recruiting.

*Requirements For -G- Membership:*

1. Recent Tier 10 stats of 3K WN8 or more.
2. Recent Win rate of 60% or more.
3. Minimum of 5 *Clan Wars viable* Tier 10 tanks in garage.
4. 3-4 nights a week of clan activity required.
5. Use of mic, teamspeak and slack is required for membership.

If you feel you have what it takes to become a *-G-* and you meet or exceed the above requirements and would like to be considered for membership with one of the oldest, most well known and respected clans in the game please feel free to hop by our ts which is shown below.

*-G- TS Info:* wot.powerballzone.com

If you have further questions regarding recruitment please contact *ff8ff8* or *Dom* for more information.
Clan stronghold
Tier 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 10


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X tier vehicles

1258 1210 625 149 226
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Important moments

16.07.2019 New province Kimbiri
16.07.2019 Lost province Huancayo
15.07.2019 New province Huancayo
15.07.2019 Lost province Kimbiri
14.07.2019 New province Kimbiri
12.07.2019 Lost province San Borja
12.07.2019 Lost province Calacoto
12.07.2019 Lost province Moquegua
12.07.2019 Lost province Chuquibamba
12.07.2019 Lost province Irupana

Global Map

Battles 2800 245 471 2084
Win rate 72.71% 71.02% 65.61% 74.52%
Elo 1291 1321 1494
Kimbiri (Live Oaks) - 0 days
Prime time:

Tier: 0
Battle schedule
No battles planned


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Average WN8

Total members

Total income

Provinces total

X tier vehicles